Highest and Tallest
The peak of the highest mountain in Palau can only be accessed by four wheel drive or by hiking up the hill. If you are interested in visiting please contact the Ngardmau state office in Koror.

The slogan "highest and tallest" on the licence plates of Ngardmau‘s cars refer to the highest mountain and tallest waterfall in Palau. The Ngerchelchuus, how the Palauans call their mountain, is situated on the western side of the main road and has a height of 757 feet (ca. 231 meters). The people of Ngardmau are proud of the top because it is the first place of Palau which is reached by the sunrays of the rising sun. Also the last sunrays of the day can be seen from it. But also the impressive view over Babeldoab and the surrounding ocean with its reefs are worth the experience.
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