The State of Ngardmau
Land area 20.5 square miles
Population 230
State flag State Flag
State bird Frigate Bird
Frigate Bird
State flower Fagraea
State motto "Working for Unity"
The state of Ngardmau has three hamlets (Urdmang, Ngerutoi, Ngetbong) which are all located in the northern part of Ngardmau close to the Compact Road. The hamlets are so close to each other that over time they have formed a village. The people living there are mostly local fishermen and farmers or are employed by either the state or national government. The village lies between the the ocean with its mangrove forests on the one side and the hills of Babeldoab on the other side. They are home to several historic sites which are either of traditional Palauan or Japanese heritage. Examples are the spring of Ikeam or the outer dock which was build by the Japanese. During WWII, Ngardmau was frequently attacked by the US because of this dock which was used by the Japanese to ship the Bauxite, that was mined here, to Japan. Because of its good location and deep waters, the old dock is actually being considered as a location for a main international port for Palau.
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