Ngardmau Conservation Areas
Conservation areas in Ngardmau
Four conservation areas are part of the State of Ngardmau. 'Ileakl el Beluu' Reef is the only fully marine conservation area. The Ngermasech Channel area is a marine and land nature reserve. Taki and Ngerchelchuus only conserve important parts of the land.
The conservation areas were created
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and are maintained in close cooperation with the Palau Conservation Society.
Ngermasech Channel
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Ngermasech is a marine and land conservation area. It is situated in the eastern part of Ngardmau. The origins of the nature reserve lie far in the past. According to an old legend this area was first protected by three men, who did not allow any trespassing, and later through the clan chiefs by a traditional law, called "bul".
Nowadays the Bureau of Marine Resource determined the area to be a spawning site for many types of fishes and the state decided to protect it by the Ngermasech Conservation Area Act, which prohibits fishing in these waters permanently.

Protecting Ngardmau‘s Marine Resource

The Conservation Area consists of mangrove forests, sea grass beds and coral reefs. Napoleon fishes and parrot fishes, which are commonly found in this area,
are an important part of the eco system and are classified as ‘threatened‘ under the Palau Endangered Species regulations. The sea grass and mangroves protect the local community from storm waves and provide also a very important natural filter for the sediment that is carried from the watersheds of Babeldaob towards the coral reefs. It is also an important feeding ground and habitat for the sea cucumber and the highly endangered dugong. Dugongs are rare mammals living in salt water regions mostly not deeper than 24 feets (8 meters) and mostly eat sea grass.
‘Ileakl el Beluu‘ Reef
This conservation area is meant to be a retreat area for all sea creatures. In the old days, this region was known as a spawning area for trouchus, a snail whose shell is still used to produce buttons for high quality clothes. Today this reserve is so important because it still provides these unique properties and is also one of Ngardmau‘s breeding place for all different kind of fishes.
Taki Waterfall/Ngerchelchuus
Both these areas were created because the waterfall and the mountain are popular destinations for visitors. With the increasing popularity with the local people and tourists it became important to provide guidelines and restrictions for the treatment of the nature. Only with these nature reserves it is possible to maintain and conserve the beauty of the nature and the habitat of the animals living there. The State of Ngardmau is glad to have such an intact and diverse nature.
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